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Yes we here at RAW Salvage realize that Edmonton is not Calgary. We also understand that it is the gate way to the grand Canadian North. They have poets there too, in the north. (geesh...)  it's real simple

There is a Poets Haven in the north-country. RAW Salvage went there and found it.

There they are reading and sharing their thoughts speaking their hearts and minds.

The same as they do down south, what an amazing thing, this, spoken word poetry stuff


       is it ever  enough …


hope, one day we will have our way posting a podcast from the south country to the north country

from the educated elitist to the marginalized defeatists and the true humanities will shine through.

Cow-boy poets through to eco-poets and the neo-beat markers of the day, the simple reality presented



      there is more than enough…




 we have always been willing to share and we beg  all who  listen  to

please down load and enjoy The Poets Haven reading .




Listen Now:

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