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RAW Salvage Ltd. Mad Hatter Visual Arts Challenge


A benefit for the 2nd Peoples Poetry Festival to be held in Calgary August 17th to 19th 2012


The  evening paired a poet's donated poem with a visual artist.

 Poems and registered visual artists were paired by drawing from the hat. RAW Salvage Ltd. provides a primed hard board canvas that artist will then use to create a visual interpretation to be submitted by August 1 2012. The resulting art piece will be showcased during the People's Poetry Festival poetic graffiti art walk, August 17th to 19th in Kensington. The festival favorite will also be used as the cover for the 2nd annual People's Poetry Festival anthology.


The People's Poetry Festival is now taking poetry submissions for the 2012 year! If you are a visual artist and would like to collaborate in our poetic graffiti art walk, we want to hear from you! Although the kick off bash with Raw Salvage is over we still have 5 poems unassigned, register at The Motion Gallery,or

send an  e-mail to, rawsalvage@live.com  or  peoplespoetryfestival@gmail.com,  pick a number  and receive  a poem and  a primed hardboard canvas is yours.   The art challenged is closed as soon as the last 5 poems are assigned.

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