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We here at RAW Salvage are very happy and pleased to be back podcasting into 2010. All of us here at RAW Salvage appreciate the  number of downloads from all over our globe. The net is  a remarkable tool.Being able to share words and vision every where despite borders and guns, is at the very least one of the great steps we have taken forward together. 

RAW Salvage would also like to acknowledges our brother and sister poets, who download the spokenword presented here that is now avalable there.  Thank you to all the visitors from the, Russian Federation , India, South Korea, Norway,  Tibet, China, The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Brazil,  Canada, New Zeland, Austraiia,  The United States, South Africa,   These countries only representing  a few of the many places that have hit on our site.  We here at RAW Salvage are inspired and greatful that we are able to share with you and hope we will all continue to do so far into the future.

Peace and Harmony

and please download and enjoy